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Linux/Unix resources  

Here is a list of useful links about Linux and Unix.
If you want to add your source code or link here
please submit it :)

GNU Is Not Unix  

Well, without the great GNU organization Linux systems wouldn't have been so widely used and powerful:) They are the founder of most of the standard Unix tools (such as the fantastic GCC compiler). A big thanks to the GNU :)


libcwd is a C++ library that supports developers in adding debugging code to their application.
This library only works with the GNU compiler, versions 2.95 and higher. Tested on linux and freebsd.

Quick Reference  

Huge list of documents that deal with almost every aspect of software development


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You can get all the software available on this site on a CD. This is the list of all software included on ONE CD:

Dev-C++ 4 CD version
Dev-C++ 4.01 update
Dev-Pascal 1.9
QuickInstall 2.0
Avi Creator 1.0
Dev-C++ 4 sources
Dev-Pascal 1.9 sources
Multibox 4.0
Fast Cleaner 1.0
LaserWar sources for Delphi
Calc-By-Step 1.0
Dev-C++ Packages
+ Goodies !


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