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Using Cygnus Insight Debugger with Dev-Pascal
Dev-Pascal can use the Insight Debugger instead of the console mode GDB program.
Insight is not included and installed with Dev-ascal (except if you get the
CD version ), so you need to download and install it if you want to use it.

First, download the win32 native port of Insight at :

Once you've downloaded it, extract it with WinZIP or any ZIP compatible program to the main Dev-Pascal directories (c:\Dev-Pas\ for a default Dev-Pas setup). A new directory "Share" should be created and files from the archives will be copied to Bin\ and Share\

Insight is now installed and configured with Dev-Pascal, you will now be able to visually debug your programs by pressing the Debug button (or in the Execute menu) in Dev-Pascal.

For more information on Insight, see


Additional help files
You can download the following help files and put them into your Help directory from Dev-Pascal:

Make help

Win32 API Reference (12.8 Mb)