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Dev-C++ Language File Repository

This page aims to provide a centralized place for updating the different language files of Dev-C++. If you want to become a maintener of a specific language, or want to send a new translation, please contact me at haiku at

Mainteners are responsible for updating their language file when modifications are made to Dev-C++. To make this work painless, Hongli has written an application which will compare your language file to the english one, and will tell you what needs may be to be modified/added.
You can download this small utility here
A Dev-C++ language file editor has been developed by Mladen Mintakovic, you can download it here
If you just want to grab the latest version of a language file, you can download it from the CVS

Currently supported languages :

Arabic : Ahmed H.Rih
Belarussian : Ales Sharaev
Brazilian Portuguese : Pedro Cardoso Silva
Bulgarian : Ivo Grozdev
Catalan : Eloi Notario
Chinese : Nyra Huang
Croatian : Mladen Mintakovic
Czech : Jan Ringos
Danish : Odin Jensen
Dutch : Jordi De Groof
English : Maintened by all developers
English (UK) : Sven-Thorsten Fahrbach
Estonian : Leo Berg
Euskera : Jose Ignacio Gallastegui
French : Colin Laplace
Galego : Anio Pequeno
German : Horst Roessner
Greek : Yiannis Mandravellos
Hebrew : David Yoffe
Hungarian : Tamas Zelena
Italian : Johnny Dess
Korean : Ryu Gwang
Latvian : Aleksejs Zosims
Norwegian : Tor Stokkan
Polish : Maciej Boniecki
Portuguese : Fábio Pedrosa
Romanian : Sorin Calinica
Russian : Alexey Rusakov
Slovak : Peter Hanula
Slovenian : Jure Zemlji
Spanish (Castellano) : Fernando Munoz Ledesma
Spanish (Latin America) : Victor Francisco Bombella Hernandez
Swedish : Kalle Wallin
Traditional Chinese : Belan Chou
Turkish : Bulent Coskun
Ukrainian : Michael Kretshkiwsky

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